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Mobile Internet


With the introduction of the 3G network, China has prepared an infrastructure for a comprehensive mobile Internet:

  • Mobile devices are constantly being enhanced, making the use of mobile web applications ever more attractive. Apple’s iPhone leads this trend.
  • The necessary bandwidth is already available: Third-generation (3G) technologies based on UMTS allow large amounts of data used in mobile web applications.
  • Low-cost rates offered by networks make it easy for consumers to make use of the mobile web.

Mobile devices go wherever the user goes. Mobile services can easily be personalized, and are available anywhere, at anytime. This is what the “always-on” generation is all about.


A mobile web presence is much more than a short summary of a classic website. Compared to PCs or laptops, there are a number of technical and operational restrictions specific to mobile development. Aditionally, the market is far from being standardized: browsers, devices and system software differ greatly:

  • Many mobile phones are now operated with a pen or a finger on the display, as the key pad can be difficult to use.
  • Small displays have small resolution.
  • Many devices use a chip with comparatively little main memory, with limited capacity.

Finding the right concept poses another challenge: The content should focus on information the mobile user really needs.


When planning and implementing a mobile web presence, it is important to stick to the established appearance of the classic web while meeting the requirements of the mobile web. The rule is: Mobilize, don't minimize!

What we do:

mediaman mobile // provides full service: We develop concepts for content, technology and design while keeping our clients’needs in mind. The actual solutions are produced inhouse:

  • We understand the unique usability rules of mobile websites.
  • We ensure your site runs on as many different mobile devices as possible through the platform mobileMeans . More about mobileMeans
  • We track your mobile website to determine exactly what works and what doesn’t.


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